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學術論文發表 Dr. Ho’s Publications

(A) Referred Paper

  1. Liu CH, YJ Ho, CY Wang, CC Hsu, YH Chu, MY Hsu, SJ Chen, WC Hsiao, WC Liao*.Targeting chondroitin sulphate synthase 1 (Chsy1) promotes axon growth following neurorrhaphy by suppressing versican accumulation. Molecules 28: 3742, 2023.  (SCI) IF= 4.927; Ranking: 64/180= 35.5%   Link:; (SCI) IF= 2.531; Ranking: 4/9= 44%  Link:
  2. Liu CH, YC Kuo, CY Wang, CC Hsu, YJ Ho, YC Chiang, WC Liao*. Syndecan-3 contributes to the regulation of the microenvironment at the node of Ranvier following end-toside neurorrhaphy: sodium image analysis. Histochem Cell Biol, 155(3), 355-367, Jun. 2021.  doi:10.1007/s00418-020-01936-z (SCI) IF= 2.531; Ranking: 4/9= 44%  Link:
  3. Lin CL,TL Zheng#, SH Tsou#, HM Chang#, LH Tseng, CH Yu*, CSui Hung*, YJ Ho*. Amitriptyline improves cognitive and neuronal function in a rat model that mimics dementia with Lewy bodies. Behav Brain Res. 435: 114035, Aug. 11, 2022. (SCI)  Link:   
  4. Wu XB, CH Lai, YJ Ho, CH Kuo, PF Lai, CY Tasi, G Jin, M Wei, B Mahalakshmi, CY Huang*, SD Lee*. Anti-apoptotic Effects of Diosgenin on Ovariectomized Hearts. Stroids 179: 108980, 2022. (SCI) IF= 2.668; Ranking: 112/146= 76.7%  Link:
  5. Chu YH, WC Liao, YJ Ho, CH Huang, TJT Tseng, CH Liu*. Targeting chondroitin sulfate reduces invasiveness of glioma cells by suppressing CD44 and integrin β1 expression. Cells 10(12): 3594, 2021. (SCI) IF=6.6; Ranking: 51/195= 26.15% Link:   
  6. Tikhonova MA*, TG Amstislavskaya, YJ Ho, AA Akopyan1, MV Tenditnik, MV Ovsyukova1, AA Bashirzade, NI Dubrovina1, LI Aftanas. Neuroprotective effects of ceftriaxone involve the reduction of Ab burden and neuroinflammatory response in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Front Neurosci, 15: 736786, 29th Sep, 2021. DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2021.736786. 2021. (SCI) IF=4.677; Ranking: 88/273= 32.23%  Link:   
  7. Liu CH, WC Liao, HH Li, LH Tseng, WH Wang, H Tung, PJ Lin, HT Jao, WY Liu, CS Hung*, CL Lin*, YJ Ho*. Treatment with the combination of clavulanic acid and valproic acid led to recovery of neuronal and behavioral deficits in an epilepsy rat model. Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology 35 (6):1032-44, 29th Sep. 2021. DOI:10.1111/fcp.12729. (SCI) IF=2.748; Ranking: 178/276=64.5%  Link:
  8. Chang CC, SH Tsou, WJ Chen, YJ Ho, HC Hung, GY Liu, SK Singh, HH Li, CL Lin*. miR-302 attenuates mutant huntingtin-induced cytotoxicity through restoration of autophagy and insulin sensitivity. Int J Mol Sci 22(16): 8424, 28th Aug. 2021. (SCI) IF=5.924; Ranking: 68/297=22.89%  Link:
  9. Li HH,PJ Lin, WH Wang, LH Tseng, H Tung, WY Liu, CL Lin1, CH Liu, WC Liao, CS Hung, YJ Ho*. Treatment effects of the combination of ceftriaxone and valproic acid on neuronal and behavioral functions in an epilepsy rat model.Experimental Physiology 106(8):1814-1828, 1st Aug 2021. (SCI) IF=2.969; Ranking: 38/81= 46.9% Link:
  10. 洪菁穗,陳安芝,董欣,王瑋翰,何應瑞*。調節麩胺酸轉運蛋白於治療癲癇及其認知缺陷的可能效果:以頭孢曲松為例。台北市醫誌 pp.1-11, 2021。 (國內非SCI) Link:
  11. Liu CH, BR Wu, YJ Ho, YH Chu, WC Hsu, TJ Tseng, JP Li, WC Liao*. CHPF regulates the aggressive phenotypes of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via the modulation of the decorin and TGF-β pathways. Cancers 13: 1261, 15, Mar. 2021.(SCI). IF=6.639; Ranking: 26/243=10.6% Link:
  12. 洪菁穗、王瑋翰、董欣、戴春暉*、何應瑞*。治療癲癇的另類思維:併用克拉維酸與丙戊酸。臨床醫學 88(1): 463-468, Jul 13, 2021。 (國內非SCI) Link:
  13. Liu,CH, YC Kuo, CY Wang, CC Hsu, YJ Ho, YC Chiang, FD Mai, WJ Lin, WC Liao*. Syndecan-3 contributes to the regulation of the microenvironment at the node of Ranvier following end-to-side neurorrhaphy: sodium image analysis. Histochem Cell Biol Oct. 10, 2020. (SCI); IF=4.302; Ranking: 1/9= 11% Link:
  14. Chang CC, HH Li, SH Tsou, HC Hung, GY Liu, TJ Lai, TA Korolenko, YJ Ho*, CL Lin*. The pluripotency factor Nanog 6protects against neuronal amyloid β-induced toxicity and o7xidative stress through insulin sensitivity restoration. Cells 9(6), 13839, 2020. (SCI) IF=606; Ranking=51/195= 26.15% Link:
  15. Cheng SM, YJ Ho, SH Yu, YF Liu, YY Lin, CY Huang, HC Ou, HL Hung, SD Lee. Anti-apototic effects of diosgenin in D-galactose-indiced aging brain. Am J Chin Med 48(2): 1-6, 2020. (SCI) IF=4.667; Ranking: 35/169=20.7% Link:
  16. Liao WC, CK Liao, TJ Tseng, YJ Ho, YR Chen, KH Lin, TJ Lai, CT Lan, KC Wei, CH Liu. Chondroitin sulfate synthase 1 enhances proliferation of glioblastoma by modulating PDGFRA stability. Oncogenesis 9: 9, 2020. (SCI) IF=7.485; Ranking: 39/243=16% Link:
  17. Liu CH, HM Chang, YS Yang, YT Lin, YJ Ho, TJ Tseng, CT Lan, ST Li, WC Liao. Melatonin promotes nerve regeneration following end‑to‑side neurorrhaphy by accelerating cytoskeletal remodeling via the melatonin receptor-dependent pathway. Neurosci 429: 282-92, 2020. (E-date 2019/11/07) (SCI) IF=3.59; Ranking: 141/273=51.6% Link:
  18. Ho YJ* MS Shen, CH Tai, HH Li, JH Chen WC Liao, PY Chiu, IY Lee, CL Lin, CS Hung. Use of ceftriaxone in treating cognitive and neuronal deficits associated with dementia with Lewy bodies. Frontiers in Neuroscience 13: 507, Jun. 2019. DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2019.00507. (SCI) IF=4.667; Ranking: 88/273= 32.23% Link:
  19. Volgin AD, A Bashirzade, TG Amstislavskaya, OA Yakovlev, KA Demin, YJ Ho, D Wang, VA Shevyrin, D Yan, Z Tang, J Wang, M Wang, ET Alpyshov, N Serikuly, EA Wappler-Guzzetta, AM Lakstygal, AV Kalueff. Dark classics in chemical Neuroscience: arecoline. ACS Chem Neurosci, 10(5): 2176-85, Jan. 2019. (SCI) IF=4.418; Ranking: 18/63=28.57% Link:
  20. Lai CL, WM Chi, YJ Ho, CC Lin, HC Lin, CL Kuo, JH Chen* .Using a Numerical Method to Precisely Evaluate the Alpha Angle in a Hip Image. Med Biol Eng Comput, published online: 08 April, 2019. (SCI) IF=2.602; Ranking: 22/58=47.9% Link:
  21. Tai CH, M Bellesi, AC Chen, CL Lin, HH Li, PJ Lin, WC Liao, CS Hung*, RK Schwarting*, YJ Ho*. A new avenue for treating neuronal diseases: ceftriaxone, an old antibiotic demonstrating behavioral neuronal effects. Behav Brain Res 364: 149- 156, Feb. 20, 2019. (SCI) IF=3.332; Ranking: 17/53=30.07% Link:
  22. 何應瑞*、許弘毅、張鳴宏、廖玟潔、林志立*、洪菁穗*。從路易氏體失智症之病理特徵找尋治療方法 (Exploring a therapeutic method for dementia with Lewy bodies based on the pathophysiology)。台灣醫學雜誌 23(3): 376-83, 2019  (國內非SCI) Link:
  23. 何應瑞*、沈枚萱、陳安芝、戴春暉、洪菁穗*、邱百誼*、賴德仁*。路易氏體失智症複雜的神經病理:頭孢曲松治療之潛力(Complicated pathophysiology of dementia with Lewy bodies: Therapeutic potential of ceftriaxone. Clinical Medicine 83(3): 185-93, 2019)。臨床醫學雜誌 83(3): 185-93, 2019 (國內非SCI) Link:
  24. Kung WM, Ho YJ, H Yoshizawa, S Matsuo, CY Wei. Behavioural and cognitive changes in Lewy body dementia. Behavioural Neurology, vol. 2018, 2018. Article ID: 2404191, 2018. (SCI) Link:
  25. Chang CC, TC Lin, HL Ho, HH Li, CY Kuo, TA Korolenko, WJ Chen, TJ Lai, YJ Ho*, CL Lin*. GLP-1 analogue Liraglutide attenuates mutant huntingtin-induced neurotoxicity by restoration of neuronal insulin signaling. Int J Mol Sci 19: 2505, 2018. (SCI) Link:
  26. Ho YJ*, JC Weng, CL Lin, MS Shen, HH Li, WC Liao, NM Tsai, CS Hung*, TJ Lai*, IY Lee*. Ceftriaxone treatment for neuronal deficits: a histological and MEMRI study in a rat model of dementia with Lewy bodies. Behav Neurol 2018: 4618716, Aug. 2, 2018. (SCI) Link:
  27. Chi WM,·CC Lin, YJ Ho, HC Lin, JH Chen*. Using nonlinear finite element models to analyse stress distribution during subluxation and torque required for dislocation of newly developed total hip structure after prosthetic impingement. Med Biol Eng Comput 56: 37- 47, 2018. (SCI) Link:

(B) In Chinese with English Abstract

  1. 何應瑞*、沈枚萱、陳安芝、戴春暉、洪菁穗*、邱百誼*、賴德仁*。路易氏體失智症複雜的神經病理:頭孢曲松治療之潛力(Complicated Pathophysiology of Dementia with Lewy Bodies: Therapeutic Potential of Ceftriaxone)。臨床醫學雜誌 83(3): 185-93, 2019  Link:
  2. 何應瑞*、許弘毅、張鳴宏、廖玟潔、林志立*、洪菁穗*。從路易氏體失智症之病理特徵找尋治療方法( Exploring a Therapeutic Method for Dementia with Lewy Bodies based on the Pathophysiology)。台灣醫學雜誌 23(3): 376-83, 2019 Link:
  3. 何應瑞*、許兆畬、陳福士、洪菁穗、賴德仁。紅血球生成素之神經保護效果:應用於治療巴金森氏症失智為例。澄清醫護管理雜誌11(3): 37-42, Jul, 2015. (Neuronal protection of erythropoietin: a possible application in Parkinson’s disease dementia. Cheng Ching Medical Journal 11(3): 37-42, Jul, 2015)  Link:
  4. 廖丹瑜、洪櫻慈、周璟言、黃冠達、何詩君、黃國洲、張思毅、徐詩惠、吳聲輝、廖娟妙何應瑞* 。增加麩胺酸轉運子之表現對巴金森氏症大鼠的認知缺陷之效果。中華民國生醫材料及藥物致放學會2012年會論文集,Apr., 2012, Taipei。【Liao TY, YT Hung, CY Chou, GD Huang, SH Ho, GJ Huang, SY Chang, SH Hsu, SH Wu, JM Liao, YJ Ho*. Effects of enhancing glutamate transporter expression on cognitive dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease rat model. Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems 2012 Annual Meeting and Symposium, Apr., 2012, Taipei.】Link:
  5. 陳福士、黃國洲、吳富英、何應瑞*。Amantadine抑制巴金森氏症失智及NMDA受體於其中所扮演之角色:文獻回顧與探討。臨床醫學 68(5): 386-92, Nov. 1, 2011。 Link:    
  6. 莊婷、謝明鴻、陳福士、吳富英、何應瑞*D-cycloserine加強暴露療法治療恐懼症之文獻回顧。台灣醫學 15(6): 1-11, Jun 21, 2011. 。【Chuang T, MH Hsieh, FS Chen, FY Wu, YJ Ho*. D-cycloserine facilitates the effects of exposure therapy on phobias. Formosan J Medicine 15(6): 1-11, Jun 21, 2011. (in Chinese with English abstract).】Link:
  7. 何應瑞*、巫錫霖、王文甫、施曉雅、黃耀庭。巴金森氏症患者的幻覺及其可能的神經心理機轉。台灣醫學 14(1): 88-96, Jan. 1st, 2010。【YJ Ho*, Wu SY, Wang WF, Sy HN, Huang YT. Hallucinations in Parkinson’s disease: the possible neuropsychological mechanisms, Formosan J Medicine 14(1): 88-96, Jan. 1st, 2010. (in Chinese with English abstract).】Link:
  8. 何應瑞*、巫錫霖、王文甫、黃耀庭、鄭鈞文。麩胺酸神經系統與神經免疫功能在巴金森氏症失智的可能角色。台灣醫學 13(1): 100-06, Jan. 1st. 2009。(CCH grant 93118 and 92521; NSC 96-2320-B-040-019) 【Ying-Jui Ho*, Shey-Lin Wu, Wen-Fu Wang, Yao-Ting Huang, Chun-Wen Cheng. Role of glutamatergic and neuroimmunological function in the dementia in Parkinson’s disease. Formosan J Medicine 13(1): 100-06, Jan. 1st. 2009】Link:
  9. 王慶福、游顯妹、王郁茗、何應瑞、曾淑梅。配合生理回饋之放鬆訓練對重症加護病房護理人員焦慮反應之影響效果【The effects of biofeedback-assisted relaxation on nursing staffs with anxiety reaction in ICU, Chung Shan Medical Journal】。中山醫學雜誌,18(2): 241-53, Dec. 2007。Link:
  10. 王慶福、鍾麗珍、王郁茗、何應瑞、賴德仁。生理回饋訓練與放鬆訓練對大學生焦慮與憂鬱反應之影響效果 (Effect of biofeedback training and relaxation training on anxiety and depressive reactions of college students, Chung Shan Medical Journal)。中山醫學雜誌,18(2): 255-70, Dec. 2007。  Link:
  11. 黃秋谷、王慶福、徐文鈺、何應瑞*、黃耀庭、賴德仁。影響神經功能並參與情感疾病之發炎物質:心理神經免疫學之基礎。臨床醫學月刊58(1):51-56, Jul. 2006。【Huang CK, CF Wang, WY Hsu, YT Huang, TJ Lai, YJ Ho*. Inflammatory substances affecting neuronal function and affective disorders: fundamentals of psychoneuroimmunology. Clinical Medicine 58(1): 51-56, Jul. 2006. (in Chinese with English abstract)】Link:
  12. 何應瑞*、蔡元奮。麩胺酸神經系統在憂鬱症中可能的角色:以嗅球被切除之大鼠為動物模式所得的證據。台灣精神醫學雜誌 19(1): 5-18, Mar. 2005. (TSSCI). 【YJ Ho*,YF Tsai. Possible Role of Glutamatergic System in Depression: Evidence from Animal Model of Olfactory Bulbectomized Rats. Taiwanese J Psych 19(1): 5-18, Mar. 2005.】Link:
  13. 杜瑋庭、曾鼎、王安莉、鍾宛玲、林俊成、許立松、徐文鈺、王慶福、何應瑞*。NMDA受體在D-cycloserine對焦慮行為作用之角色。台灣醫學 9(2): 173-179, Mar. 2005.【Tu WT, T Tseng, AL Wang, WL Chung, CC Lin, LS Hsu, WY Hsu, CF Wang, YJ Ho. Effects of D-cycloserine on anxiety behavior: role of NMDA receptor. Formosan Journal of Medicine 9(2): 173-197, Mar. 2005.) (in Chinese with English abstract)】Link:
  14. 黃秋谷、王慶福、徐文鈺、賴德仁、何應瑞*。麩胺酸神經系統NMDA受體在精神分裂症之角色:作用在甘胺酸結合位之藥物所得的證據。臨床醫學月刊 55(4): 253-258, Apr. 2005. 【Huang CK, CF Wang, WY Hsu, TJ Lai, YJ Ho*. Role of glutamatergic NMDA receptor in schizophrenia: evidence from drugs acting at the glycine binding site. Clinical Medicine 55(4): 253-258, Apr. 2005. (in Chinese with English abstract)】Link:
  15. 黃秋谷、何應瑞*。搖頭丸:危險的急性中毒與棘手的慢性中毒。臨床藥學雜誌10 (2): 49-62, 2002. (Huang CK, YJ Ho*.“Ecstasy”, its dangerous acute-effects and long-term toxicity. Formosa J Clinic Pharmacy 10 (2): 49-62, 2002. (in Chinese with English abstract)) Link:
  16. 何應瑞*。山藥,植物性的賀爾蒙。常春月刊 164:90-93, 1996。 【Ho YJ. Dioscorea, Phytohormone. Evergreen 164:90-93, 1996. (in Chinese with English abstract)】  Link: